Our Approach

Sustainable Business
Our approach is inspired by the need for change in our world today. A shift in consciousness in both the way we create and the way we consume.
We believe it is equally important to conduct business with a conscious reality as much as it is sharing the story of what we do.
Since Lalesso was founded in 2007 we have been driven to approach business with a sustainable and conscious mindset. We hope that we may inspire you to join our journey (because the journey is never over) in learning, uncovering, shifting and taking action.









  • We only work with garment factories we have physically seen in person, who's working environment is safe, pleasant and accommodates the needs of the workers.
  • Workers within these factories are paid an above minimum salary wage and are offered benefits (such as insurance, childcare and/or housing and transport allowance).
  • Workers are not expected to work more than ten hours overtime per week and overtime is rewarded with legal overtime pay.
  • Made in Africa. We produce 100% of our garments and swimwear in Africa, supporting local industry and trade which is under threat from cheaper (and more often than not, unsustainably produced) imports from the East. 
  • We love to collaborate with and celebrate African artisans. Harnessing traditional skills such as bead work, metal casting etc, we incorporate these into our designs. The income provided through these collaborations aims to not only sustain these groups or individuals but grow their businesses through learning and sustainable support.
  • We support women empowerment and 80% of those we work with directly or indirectly are women. 
  • We are actively involved with Fashion Revolution - a movement aimed at getting consumers involved in asking for more transparency in the supply chain with the universal hashtag #whomademyclothes? We believe the conversation is as important as the action, find out more on the website

Socially Responsible


  • We carbon offset the transportation of all raw materials as well as the transportation of finished goods. Lalesso products are carbon zero. We carbon offset with Wild Life Works Carbon's REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) program. Carbon offsetting is simpler than it may seem - the carbon emissions put into the atmosphere through transporation (such as air freight) are offset by the planting of trees (who absorb carbon and emit oxygen). The money we pay to REDD+ based on our transportation goes directly towards protecting forests. Simple. Wildlife Works are further committed to our planet by their efforts towards wildlife conservation, protecting animals from the rising poaching crisis in Africa as well as educating rural communities against the bush meat trade.
  • We only work with natural or recycled textiles. Synthetic fabrics are not only extremely heavy on our planet to produce, they would take 1000's of years to biodegrade.
  • All our fabrics are digitally printed. Digital printing is the most ecological way of printing as it requires no water and there is very minimal waste.
  • We recycle as much of our fabric waste as possible. We work with the Hadithi in rural Kenya who work with a disabled women's group to hand make stuffed soft toys from our off cuts, check out Hadithi here.
  • Our wholesale orders are packaged in bio-plastic packaging which is 100% compostable. With the industry standard requirement of having to individual package each item, we could not bare the use of poly bags which encourage plastic and often end up in land fill. Bio-plastic is made from 100% vegetable starch and will biodegrade in a compost pile in 45 days. It is physiologically harmless and non-toxic to humans and animals made using renewable energy sources completely free of petroleum. 

Environmental impact

"If you ever thought you were too small to make a difference, you've never been in bed with a mosquito" Unknown